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I am Lupa, a multidisciplinary artist and maker, born in Rome as Lucrezia Chiarle.


When it comes to artistic expression, I have a view never to restrict myself to a single medium. My ideas manifest organically through the many different techniques that I have trained with, including theatre making, craft, tattoo, performance art, and music. I use my art to explore my interests and inspiration, often stemming from nature, folklore and magic.

This unconstrained approach to creativity is my driving force. I believe in the infinite possibilities of art practice as a form of self discovery, collective therapy, strengthening communities, as well as opening portals into different realms and the subconscious. My intention is to share this philosophy with others through my creations.

In 2016 I graduated in Graphic Design and Moving image at Central Saint Martins, London. The year after, I co-founded the Undergrowth Collective, now a Community Interest Company, where I have fulfilled various roles including art director, costume and puppet maker, and performer. Then, in 2021 I began a Masters degree in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths University, London, with a final thesis and ethnographic film on Carnival as a place of liberation and political resistance. I am currently based in Bristol, UK, working with Undergrowth and developing my art business and practise.

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